WSSPS, is obligated to observance the rules of the United Nations without exception in: racial, nationality, religious belief, color of the skin and language.

This WSSPS Charter and Laws is of law set the laws of Sciences Freedom and Strategic Research Sciences.

Research in all Scientific and Strategic Research “on the basis of Evolution and Human Mind Foundation.

Strategic Research, Education and Treatment in the Oriental Medicine, Traditional Martial Arts, and other Sciences.


Society Official Name

World Society of the Subjective Physics Sciences


The Name Stands of Society



The Performance of Strategic Research, Education and Treatment of the WSSPS

1 – Oriental Philosophy.

2 – Oriental Sciences.

3 – Oriental Culture.

4 – Oriental Medicine.

5 – Oriental Medical Sciences.

6 – Oriental Medical Philosophy.

7 – Physics.

8 – Metaphysics.

9 – Theoretical Physics.

 10 – Quantum.

11 – Ultra-Quantum.

12 – Black Light.

13 – Ultra-Substance.

14 – Philosophy.

15 – Mysticism.

16 – Astronomy.

17 – Archeology.

18 – Geology.

19 – Zoology.

20 – Biology.

21 – Weather.

22 – Antiquity.

23 – The New Era.

24 – Psychological.

25 – Psychoanalysis.

26 – Parapsychology.

27 – Causes Diseases.

28 – Inherited Diseases.

29 – Genetics and Evolution.

30 – Energy-Light-Matter.



Persons Who Have The Right to Official Seal and Signature for WSSPS Diploma and Letters 

 Prof.Dr.Abdolreza Shahrabi Farahani 

Secretary-General, World Founder, Approved by UN NGO Branch, New York, UN Headquarters




Performance Forum-WSSPS Needed Laws

Based on this Theory and Philosophy: Black – White – Black.

Black – White – Black = B.W.B.

Ultra-Substance and Black Light Philosophy and Science.

Based on Subjective Physics Science.
And this Society activity by based on the Definitive Principles Book, and all sciences can have on your own.

This Society, WSSPS, they have right to accept or reject the theory.


WSSPS Activity Locations

1 – Local.

2 – Provincial.

3 – Country, National.

4 – International.

5 – Continental.

6 – Worldwide.


International Cooperation

This association is obligating for strategic research of sciences division and cooperating with international official organization.

As well as President and Director – General of the WSSPS determine that the association is capable to authorize part or all of the results of researches or discoveries to public organizations.

The association was not under supervision of political organ and will not be.

This will not be accountable to any political organization or religious belief.

The result of strategic research of scientist and discoveries that is part of protocol have been protect on scientific secret of association and under any circumstances, it does not reveal.

Any country or political deletion or military system can interfere or give direction to this association.

The performance of the association is similar to the rules of scientific and in accordance by human evolution, any research on the basis of scientific, philosophical and moral principles will be on their agenda.

In no circumstances, this association will not show agreement and legal articles to any public or private institution.

Governments, public and private organization are able to provide financial assistance; but it is not mean that the association accept financial assistance in exchange for disclosure of scientific secrets and strategic research of scientific.

The association will not request subsidy from public and private organizations, religious, political and military; so claims of private or public institution, political or religious and military based on subsidy request of the association is not acceptable.

In no circumstances, this association will not show information, discoveries and result of strategic research of scientific to public and private institution, political, military and religious and this includes judicial system of all countries.

According to the protocol and statute of the association, WSSPS scientist are not able to expose scientific secrets and result of strategic research of scientific.

The association is not obligating itself to cooperate by private and public institutions, religious, political and military and subsequently, it will not provide report to institutions.

If the formal request received by the government or institution affiliated with the government or research organizations and public or private, educational and therapeutic; meanwhile consider to request, the association will announce to partnership request.

If have surplus income, the association can pay subsidy to charity institution.

This association can be cooperated by official political organs or military , public institution and formal religions regarding to scientific or research, but this cooperation will happen when we are peaceful by that organs and other cases will not be involving in this cooperation.

No religious, political and military authority can interfere in the affairs of the research and scientific strategy of association scientists or researchers and academics affiliated to this association.

According to laws and United Nations charter, the association is deem to observance the laws and UN charter.

Scientific and research commissions and social affairs are able to make the order directly into this association and it is obligated to carry out orders and rules and United Nations charter is issued.

Unless the President or Director-General of the WSSPS order will not be practicable according to the general secretary of the association.

The Non-implementation of the items by United Nations will be reported by President or Director-General of the WSSPS.

All human beings will be able to subscribe to this association and there are no limits for membership; but this limitation include people who has not a history of political or military was unofficial membership or individuals under the country’s Police National and Interpol.


Membership may be waived or getting.

The operational budget of the association will be pay by official member’s personal income and it would not be under tax system.

Organization that have the right to this association:

United Nations Headquarters.

Scientific and research commissions and social affairs and the health of family’s part, society, environment and similar items from the United Nations.



International Court.

Human Rights Organization.


International Monetary Organization.

World Health Organization, Cooperation, Only.

Interpol: according to the command of the United Nations or the International Court.

The United Nations agencies based in each country will be included on this item; only if the United Nations residence in New York from the officially allowed to have involvement or command.

The cost of this association will be account by getting a membership fee and education and treatment and ID cards and certificates of academic research and the necessary license.

Copy of ID cards and certificates of academic research and licenses will be necessary.

Copy of ID cards and certificates should be listed on the official site but designed certificates and ID cards basis on official activity is changed and it does not insert on official site of the association but description of site changing is insert.

Accordance with internal tariffs and relative to position of any country, the cost of membership and ID cards, certificates and licenses is clear.

Thus under any circumstances, related costs will not be inserted in the official site.

Countries are capable to healing themselves and pursuant to the rules relative to acceptance or non-acceptance or implementation of certification issued by WSSPS.

But no country has the right to comment how to provide proof of ID cards and scientific and research certificates issued on behalf of the association.

Science and research is not an academic; so countries must put in mind this items in science and health sector and treatment of this item in the admission or Non-admission of any certificate issued for implementation of the association.

WSSPS is compared to the falsifying or any misuse of the certificate issued on behalf of the community in the area of activity listed in the certificate does not have any responsibility and liability for any infringement and misuse for the respective organization or person.

WSSPS is solely at the request of state department’s official inquiry will answer; so the accuracy and validity of any inquiry before certificate or letter issued by this association will have to be considered about above.

Nothing to do with national qualification issued certificates and academic degrees approved by academic council does not have this society.

Anyone with any research or academic degree is capable of following the steps of the research or academic degrees or official approval and the necessary licenses.

These cases are merely in the powers of the members of the scientific council and the commission for scientific research is a strategic.

This association have the right to confirm or not to confirm the qualifications issued from the national university and to the official picks.

Under any circumstances, the civil war, religious, political, partisan disputes is not related to this association.

WSSPS has the Not Right to interfere in the internal affairs of any country and all its members are also bound to adhere to this tab.

We are hoping that can able to the honest scientific research and activities to help a human generation.

Save the earth and human evolution and strategic goals of the association is important.

The end